Featured Sponsorship


3 available

Featured Sponsors Receive:

• company name and logo on the Galway Downs Billboard located on Route 79
• company name and logo in the activity area and on the main event banner
• company name and logo used in all digital marketing campaigns
• company name used in some social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) 
• Your Company name and logo will be present on the community stage, understanding that the stage is being sold separately as a program and may have the stage sponsor being shown more prominent, but your signage will show you as a Featured Sponsor.
•  Any newsprint or radio time will have a mention of you as a Featured Sponsor. 
•  Your Company Name and Logo will show you as a Featured Sponsor on the sites for Christmas on the Ranch, Galway Downs, Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley and Coordinex LLC.
•  Parking is free; however, 10 designated parking spots will be available for your company’s usage. 
•  You’ll receive 8 tickets to Breakfast with Santa & Friends Event and 10 tickets to the Ice Skating Rink.
• You'll receive a full-page ad on the inside back cover of the program book.

*For additional $5,000 your company can be the main program sponsor for “Breakfast with Santa” a Temecula Community event.